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Episode 65. A Swingers Podcast, listen to Marco and Ranee, a Swinger and HotWife Couple talk during their Bi-Monthly SDC show about Adding a Third in the Bedroom in the swinging and hotwifing lifestyle. This is an amazing episode. 


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MiamiSwings A Swinger Podcast. 
We are a Happily Married Crazy In Love couple who ask you to join our journey into the Swinger Lifestyle. 

Email us at: MiamiSwings@yahoo.com 

Watch the Video Podcast at: https://www.miamiswings.com/video-podcast


Remember this show is for the purpose of entertainment, we are not professionals in sex education or the sex advice industry. ENJOY.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSsNajgwWE16i1E0rk1i8-g
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